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Fishing is much more than fish

How to get the Best Hunt by taking care of your Fishing rod

Many people do not realise the importance of a well-maintained fishing rod when it comes down to getting the perfect catch. Your rod’s maintenance is necessary because this ensures that you don’t go around spending a lot on new gear to hook a big one. Yes, that’s right, the fishing rod that you’ve thrown out…
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Fishing in the sea

Fishing in the sea is quite different from fishing in a river. This is due to the fact that even the type of fish found in a river are much different from the type of fish found in in an ocean. In the ocean you can expect to find sea bream. These are some of…
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Preparing for fishing

Although most hobbyists don’t see the need to prepare for a fishing trip, I guarantee that it will come handy at the end of the day. Preparing before you go out to fish is actually very important. Its important first when it comes to keeping you safe and to ensure that you meet all the…
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