How to get the Best Hunt by taking care of your Fishing rod

Fishing is much more than fish

How to get the Best Hunt by taking care of your Fishing rod

Many people do not realise the importance of a well-maintained fishing rod when it comes down to getting the perfect catch. Your rod’s maintenance is necessary because this ensures that you don’t go around spending a lot on new gear to hook a big one. Yes, that’s right, the fishing rod that you’ve thrown out in the corner of your garage needs help. We have you covered with top suggestions on how to keep your fishing rod fit for your next hunt!

The essentials to keep your fishing rod fit

Here are some foolproof ways to help you, show-off, your whopper at the next fishing event.

  • Store it right.
  • The oxidation effect is real and very deadly for the fishing rod. You should store the rod when it’s dry.
  • Do not keep your rod in warm and humid places.
  • Ensure that the storage is set up in a way that accommodates your rod.
  • Use rod sleeves to store it, and make sure it fits perfectly.

Clean them well.

The durability of your rod depends on how clean you keep it, and how often. This also affects efficiency. Use a soft towel-like material with alcohol and wipe it all over your rod. You can do this after every fishing trip or once a month. This will ensure that you have an adequate grip. The alcohol will also kill the germs and disinfect the handle.

Replace the older parts.

The long-term durability depends on you, taking off that old worn out parts and replacing them with new ones. The line, blank, and the handle are especially prone to weakening over time. To keep the rod up and running, keep replacing them.


When you’re in the action of fighting off a big bass, you need a strong rod to be victorious. Following these steps can help you maintain your fishing rod, and keep off the costs of replacing one. Happy Fishing!