Recreational fishing

Fishing is much more than fish

Recreational fishing

Recreational fishing is the act of catching fish for the purpose of sport, pleasure or any other competition. It is different from from commercial fishing or subsistence fishing.

Recreational fishing is usually done with  fishing rods, reels, lines hooks or spears. However over the years in north America hunting bows have also been employed for the silver carp which jumps out of the water when spooked.

Fishing season can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. You will need to check with the local laws on fishing for sport. However some fish such as the Asian carp can be fished the entire year. This is due to the fact that they are invasive species that are devastating the local ecosystem.

Recreational fishing  using rods

Recreation fishing using rods is the most common form of fishing. This is due to its sustainable nature   Australia has one of the most sustainable recreational opportunity.  When catching fish using a rod you need to either measure and release them or humanely kill your catch.

When releasing the fish from the hook you need to make sure that the fish has a high likelihood of survival. You will need to remove the hook and the line from the fish.  Its also important to do a bit of research on the fish that you intend on fishing. That way you know the best way to release the fish for high survival rate. This is considered the most sustainable  way of fishing.

Recreational fishing using a bow and arrow

This has become popular in the united states. Especially as the federal government tries to curb invasive fish. Using an arrow is actually considered a sport nowadays. The objective in this case is to kill the fish in mid air or in the water.  This is a way to control the fish population.